Is CNC six-sided drilling technology mature?

The CNC six-sided drill is a device that can achieve six-sided drilling. At present, the first thing that customers consider when updating drilling equipment is the CNC six-sided drill. When the CNC six-sided drill was first introduced, customers may have doubts. CNC six-sided drilling technology Mature? Is this device efficient? How is it better than my previous side hole drilling machine? Customers’ concerns are also understandable. As time goes by, CNC six-sided drills are slowly being upgraded. Currently, six-sided drills that can change tools are becoming more and more mature. What are the advantages of CNC six-sided drilling? Let me explain it to you in detail below.

1. The system identifies processing information by scanning codes, which is smart and efficient.

2. Computer operation, CAD drawing, CAM import, can directly import open data formats such as DXF, MPR, XML, etc., easy to operate.

3. Using double gripper guide rails, the maximum material grabbing speed can reach 130m/min. The intelligent detection of hole position information effectively avoids the opening position and reduces the time of changing hands during the drilling process. The gripper stroke exceeds 5.3 meters, large panels can be grasped and processed at one time, and the drilling and processing time of large wardrobe side panels is greatly shortened.

4. Equipped with an air flotation workbench and an air flotation pressure plate. During the processing, an air layer is formed on the upper and lower surfaces of the plate, which improves the plate transportation efficiency and avoids scratching the plate. Drilling of the platen is completed at the same time to ensure drilling accuracy and efficiency; air exhaust The unique installation position of the drill bag prevents the plate from floating during drilling, causing hole explosions and deviations; and effectively prevents dust accumulation in the drill bag from causing the drill bit to get stuck and affecting production.

5. The machine body has a unique structure and can drill horizontal holes on multiple sheets at one time.