Drilling machine introduction

QUICK CNC has 2 special cnc drilling machines, one is cnc side drilling machine, the other is cnc six-sided drill.

The side drilling machine is a model specially designed and developed for the side hole processing of panel furniture. The machine is simple to operate and can realize scanning code processing. Ordinary workers can work with it just after simple training,this reduces labor costs. The machine does not need to repeatedly adjust the ruler which improve punching efficiency. At the same time, the machine can switch between long and short boards, and also switch between dowel holes, single holes, and blind holes to meet various process requirements.

The CNC six-sided drill can complete the processing of all the holes on the front,back and 4 sides of the processed plate at one time, and it has the functions of double-sided simultaneous grooving,chamfering and special-shaped processing,etc. It can be automatically moved and positioned according to the size of the plate, without turning over or turning around the plate, completely through-hole punching.The front, back and 4 sides are completed at once, which greatly reduces labor costs and improves production efficiency.

Model :

Milling with excellent precision

Ruggedly constructed machine structure. 
Material is Stress relieved and annealed for deformation free,thus always keep machine accurate.

High-quality components

we use only the highest quality materials and build technology. Using these materials and technology actually helps us to cut costs by reducing our overhead and labor times while also reducing our support demands in the field.

Permanent quality inspection

Quickcnc maintains the spirit of a  business: we always strive to develop and be the best.  We aims for excellence in everything we do. Together we achieve the best performance.Therefore, We have passed strict inspection and testing for every machine produced from QuickCNC .










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