KTG-46 door, wall and cabinet processing center

At present, the development of whole house customization has been quite mature. With people's pursuit of minimalist beauty, various high-end Internet celebrity crafts have emerged in an endless stream, including various handle-free, crabapple corners, bevel cutting, ABA sandwich crafts, wallboard card strip separation, various closing crafts, etc., and the current customer decoration emphasizes the integration of doors, walls and cabinets, wallboard craftsmanship processing, door lock hinge processing, cabinet door craftsmanship processing. The KTG-46 door, wall and cabinet processing center of Quick CNC can meet all of these needs.

The 6-spindle design of the Quick CNC door, wall and cabinet processing center includes a tool change axis and a 45-degree axis, and is equipped with 8 straight-row automatic tool change magazines to meet more process requirements and realize the processing of keyholes, straighteners, lamino and hidden holes, handle-free crabapple corners, etc. It has automatic thickness measurement function and automatic matching of processing items; bus control system, clear interface, simple operation, equipped with tool library, can arbitrarily allocate tool functions according to process requirements; library function can call up corresponding processes in the library, one-key operation, convenient and fast; 3D simulation, human-computer interaction, can provide processing accuracy and processing safety; pressure beam automatic adjustment, system controls cylinder movement; equipped with automatic tool setting instrument, the accuracy is 2 times higher than manual tool setting.

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