Advantages of Quick Intelligent Double-sided Drilling and Cutting Integrated Machining Center

With the development of intelligent machine automation and enterprise development, multi-purpose equipment is increasingly favored by business owners. First, due to the current difficulty in recruiting personnel, rising site rental fees, and the implementation of the national dual-carbon goals, more and more People think that this kind of machine can be used for multiple purposes, requires less personnel, and occupies less space, which can better meet the current development of enterprises. The third-generation intelligent drilling and cutting integrated machining center launched by Kuike CNC is a double-sided drilling, grooving and cutting machine. This equipment not only has multiple uses, but also has relatively high processing efficiency. It can process 140-170 sheets every 8 hours.


Compared with equipment with the same function from other manufacturers, the equipment design Quick Intelligent Double-sided Drilling and Cutting Integrated Machining Center is a little more careful. Other manufacturers label first and then drill holes, but we drill holes first and then label. , effectively avoiding the wear and tear of the label during the drilling process and protecting the integrity of the label. Some customers will ask, will there not be a lot of debris when drilling first? Will the labeling be strong in this way? Of course not! For this reason, Quick has added a sponge dust scraper device, so that the board can be ensured to be clean before labeling, and the labeling will be firm!

A seemingly inconspicuous change is due to our demanding attention to details. Quick CNC always stands from the customer's perspective to reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers, making your equipment more "smarter"