How to choose the configuration of CNC router cutting machine?

The key parts of the CNC cutting machine are the spindle, motor, and control system. 

The spindle of the CNC router cutting machine directly affects the use effect. If it is used for wood panel cutting, it is recommended to purchase a high-power spindle, usually a 6kw air-cooled spindle and motor. 

On the other hand, the motor of a CNC router cutting machine is usually a stepper motor. It is slightly better to use a domestic servo motor. If you want a higher configuration, choose an imported servo motor. 

The control system of the CNC cutting machine can be said to be the core of the entire equipment, including some software. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose genuine systems and software. Although the price is higher, in order to avoid many functions being unavailable and upgrade failures, it is still recommended. Choose formal software in the early stage. 

There are also some customers who are not very good at choosing dual stations and automatic loading and unloading. Simply put, dual platforms can make full use of workers. After processing on one table, they will process on the other table. The labor intensity is slightly higher, and automatic loading and unloading can Automatic pushing and unloading saves labor. If you want to process several more sheets a day and improve production efficiency, choose a double station. If you want to save manpower, choose automatic loading and unloading. It is recommended that when purchasing equipment, you must purchase equipment that suits you based on your actual needs and choose a reliable manufacturer.

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