The maintenance guide for fully automatic edge banding machines

As an important part of the furniture manufacturing process, the fully automatic edge banding machine not only plays a very important role in the beauty of the furniture, but also plays an important role in the environmental protection that people pursue. So, can it stably output high-quality edge banding technology? , the use and daily maintenance of the fully automatic edge banding machine will become particularly critical. The editor will take you through the maintenance of the fully automatic edge banding machine!

Fully Automatic Edge Banding Machine FK52-1.jpg

The first step is to clean the fuselage. After the whole machine is powered off, use an air gun to clean away the dust and debris on the entire fuselage to facilitate subsequent maintenance. To clean the glue pot, first heat the glue pot to 180°, then use tools to clean the glue on the wall of the glue pot that has been carbonized due to repeated heating, and then add clear glue particles for cleaning. For the maintenance of the gearbox/universal joint, add grease to the gear chain in the gearbox under the adhesive tape, and the universal joint next to it also needs to be greased. Maintenance of the chain conveyor area: Add an appropriate amount of butter to the conveyor belt chain, turn on the chain with the point control switch, and add butter in sequence until the entire conveyor belt is covered with butter. Maintenance of the high-speed flush slider: After applying hydraulic oil to the high-speed flush slider, let the flush slider rise and fall repeatedly 5-6 times, wipe clean the foreign matter captured in the planning block, apply hydraulic oil again, and continue Repeatedly raise the head 3-4 times. Maintenance of each functional motor: clean each functional unit area in turn with an air gun until there is no debris. Cleaning the remaining ribbons from scraping: After cleaning the ribbons remaining from production, spray anti-rust oil locally. Maintenance of screw rods for lifting pressure beams: Spray anti-rust oil on the screw rods on all pressure beam lifts in each functional area in sequence, drain and exhaust air from the gas storage tank, and drain and exhaust the triple parts.