Why are linear atc cnc machining centers so popular?

Why are linear Auto tool changing machining centers so popular? The straight-line tool-changing machining center is a composite machining center that can produce solid-plank wooden doors. It is especially suitable for furniture that have cabinet doors, cabinets, carvings, and wooden doors, but do not have a large number of processing products. The products that can be processed are relatively rich, if you process a wide variety of workpieces, you need to use an linear Auto tool changing machining center.


Quick CNC linear ATC machining center is equipped with a 9kw brand spindle, which can work 24 hours a day at ultra-high speed. It is also equipped with an in-line 12-tool tool magazine, which increases the tool changing speed by 30%. It can make three-in-one cabinets and various invisible parts, high-gloss door panel metal grooves and blister door panel engravings, etc. The machine is equipped with an automatic tool setter, which is twice as accurate as manual tool setter. The weight of this machine is about 2.5 tons. It can process boards up to 2.8 meters in length. The suction table has 6 independent partitions. Even small boards will not run over the board. The dust suction caliber is 150. An air blowing dust cover is optional to achieve dust-free production. The machine is also equipped with an intelligent manufacturing port to meet your later needs for adding plate production lines. It can be used with a labeling machine and a robotic arm to form a cutting workstation. The same order can be quickly advanced, saving time and costs, and a double-shift working mode can be activated to improve your processing efficiency and convert time into value!