The application of four-process CNC cutting machine in the pet industry

Can the four-process CNC cutting machine be used in the pet industry? Are you also surprised when you hear this question? Yes, you heard it right. Now many post-90s and post-00s like to keep cats, and cats also need cat litter boxes and toys, such as some cat climbing frames, cat litter boxes, solid wood The cat bowls are all made of wood, hemp rope, fluff, etc., and the wood parts are also shaped. This is why a CNC cutting machine is needed for processing. The four-process CNC cutting machine is one that can achieve Cutting and punching of wood products such as cat climbing frame and cat litter.

cat climbing.png

Quick CNC four-process CNC cutting machine is equipped with four spindles, which can be switched freely, one of which is used for grooving, one for cutting, and the other two for punching. One-in-one connectors, two-in-one connectors and invisible connectors, including engraving door panel shapes are also possible, the machine is easy to operate, equipped with wireless operating handwheels, and the operating equipment is unlimited, with a 0-second tool change design, which can improve processing efficiency About 15%, double positioning system, one-key switching for processing plates of different specifications, the machine has an automatic oiling system to ensure the service life of the slider guide, and the machine is equipped with an intelligent manufacturing port, which can be connected to the production line later.


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