How to select edge banding method?---Quick CNC tells

Generally speaking, there are three ways of edge banding: EVA edge banding, PUR edge banding and laser edge banding. Do you know the difference among them?


1. EVA edge banding:

EVA edge banding is easy to open and overflow, and there will be obvious glue lines (as shown in the above figure).

2. PUR edge banding

PUR edge banding basically does not show the glue line, and it is irreversible and stable after edge banding(as shown in the above figure).

3. Laser edge banding

Laser edge banding is flat, environmental friendly and beautiful(as shown in the above figure).

In addition to the appearance, let's take a look at the firmness of the three kinds of edge banding:


1. EVA edge banding

As shown in the figure, we can see that the edge banding strip sealed by EVA is easy to be torn off.

2.PUR edge banding

The edge banding strip after PUR edge banding is difficult to tear off, and the adhesion of the edge banding strip is very high.

3. Laser edge banding

The edge banding strip used for laser edge banding is coated with a special polymer coating, which is environmentally friendly but easy to peel off.


The above is the test and comparison of the three edge banding methods. Through the comprehensive comparison of all aspects, the effect of PUR edge banding is best.


Another aspect of good edge banding effect is to have a suitable edge banding machine:

KF51 Edge banding machine with PUR


The automatic edge banding machine is an indispensable machine for making cabinet door panels. The accessories of the KF51 edge banding machine are made of American, German, Shanghai Schneider and other brands, with comprehensive functions and suitable for edge banding of various thicknesses and materials.

This machine also has a tracking function to make the edge of the band beautiful.


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