CNC ROUTER MACHINE processing accuracy determine factors

About the processing accuracy of CNC ROUTER MACHINE, this topic involves many aspects and has many influencing factors.

CNC ROUTER MACHINE processing accuracy,this is not only related to the machine bed and configuration, but also to the processing materials, cutting tools, table tops, etc.

1. Machine bed

The machine bed is stable and durable, and the overall accuracy of the machine is high. The machine bed of QUICK CNC is all made by professional CNC five-sided milling center, and then subjected to high-temperature tempering treatment. The bed vibration becomes ineffective, and the high accuracy is guaranteed. The machine will not deform after long-term use.



The processing accuracy and speed of a machine with a high configuration are definitely better than that of a machine with a low configuration. This is why more and more customers choose JINAN QUICK cnc machining centers equipped with servo-driven and atc spindle.


The quality of the cutting knife/tool/bits will also have a great impact on the accuracy, so we generally recommend customers to choose better cutting tools. This is what we often say "a good knife is used on the edge".


4. Table

No matter how good a knife is, you cannot produce high-precision products on a poorly leveled table. The table of QUICK CNC will be milled and flattened to ensure the levelness of the tabletop, so that the processed products will have high precision.


We all know that the CNC ROUTER MACHINE is assembled from many processed parts. The processing flow and manufacturing technology of the processed parts determine the later assembly accuracy.

All JINAN QUICK CNC ROUTER MACHINE products start from raw materials, to bed production, guide rails, rack assembly, spindle, motor assembly, table design and production, etc. Every step has strict quality inspection, good assembly technology and high-quality accessories. This makes the high accuracy of the final equipment possible, which is a necessary condition to ensure the accuracy of the equipment.


Each machine needs to undergo strict calibration before leaving the factory to ensure that each axial movement is smoothly and accurately controlled within the set range to meet the user's needs. After receiving the equipment, users must maintain the equipment as required during use to ensure long-term accuracy requirements.