Why the processing speed of CNC router machine is different

As we all know, the processing speed of CNC machining centers depends on the density of tools and processing materials. Then why have the same tool, the same workpiece material, and execute the same file, some machining centers have faster processing speeds, while others have slower processing speeds? Let's analyze the reasons for this premise:

1. Spindle power. The greater the power of the spindle, the greater the torque, and the stronger the power, the faster the processing speed will be. Of course, for the same power spindle, if the bearing dynamic balance treatment is different, the processing speed will also be different.


2. Drive motor. There are three types of drive motors: servo drive motors, hybrid servo drive motors, and stepper motors. Compared with the stepper motor, the servo motor is powerful, faster and more responsive, and there will be no step loss in the middle. Hybrid servo motors tend to be between servo motors and stepper motors. Of course, the drive motor also has power difference, the greater the power, the more powerful it is.


3. Machine bed. The processing speed of the CNC machining center is closely related to the stability of the bed. If the bed structure is not stable enough, the equipment will vibrate under the condition of high-speed rotation, and cannot undertake the work of high-speed operation. Or because of the vibration of the cutting surface and the ripples caused by processing caused by the vibration of the bed, only by reducing the speed can the processing effect be guaranteed. Therefore, a solid bed is a necessary condition to ensure high-speed processing.

machine bed.jpg

4. Control system. The control system of CNC engraving machine is divided into basic version and industrial level. Different levels of control system have different feedback speeds to motor communication signals. This response speed can also be reflected in the processing process.

control system.jpg

5. Parallelism between guide rail and rack. The guide rail and the rack are laid parallel on the machine. Their parallelism also determines the running speed of the CNC router machine. One is the accuracy of the machine itself, and the other is the parallel accuracy of the guide rail and the rack. These two factors are The machine itself is an important factor affecting the speed of operation. Only when the precision is high, can the smoothness of the operation be ensured. There is no resistance in the middle and no jamming. This is the most ideal state.


6. Vacuum adsorption. Most of the way to fix the plate now is vacuum adsorption. Vacuum adsorption seems to only play a role in fixing. In fact, it also interferes with the processing speed, and even plays a decisive role in the flatness of the processed surface. Only when the plate is firmly fixed can it be guaranteed that the acceleration will not be consumed. The uniformity of the suction of the adsorption table determines the uniformity of the cutting depth of the processing surface, and the uniform cutting depth is also an important factor to reduce the loss of processing speed.