Filter plate production line-Quick CNC 5 axis machining center


We have been initiating projects for filter plate processing projects since August 18,2017  and have sent technicians to filter plate industry to communicate and find solutions.After nine months of hard work for nearly 300 days, the final plan was finally  presented to everyone, and was fully recognized and confirmed by the filter plate  industry leaders and technical experts.

This production line is an automatic production line developed for the processing of filter plates.

From the loading, transportation, positioning, measurement, vacuum adsorption, processing, flipping, processing, blanking and other processes, the automatic transfer processing process of  the workpiece is realized. According to the processing conditions of the workpiece, the processing  procedures of each station are reasonably allocated, so that the processing time of each station  tends to be reasonably matched. The equipment is in operation and roughly calculated according  to the cutting parameters. The average processing time of each workpiece can be controlled  within 10-20 minutes. By further optimizing and adjusting the process parameters in the actual  production process of the equipment, the processing time can be further shortened. 


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