Customer story - Guus from Netherlands
Our company was very fortunate to receive a message from Guus in the Netherlands. He has purchased one of our UA machines in 2017. And he bought another same machine from us this year .

Guus is in the custom wood products industry. We are very pleased to share the story of this customer who bought our machines 4 years ago. In 2017  Guus arrived in Jinan by plane from Holland, he visited many factories and finally chose to buy our cnc machine after comparison. Now he has more and more customers, so he plans to open branches in other cities.  


Before the Guus bought our ATC cnc router UA -481 from our company, he had also one machine from other factory. But he sold his previously purchased machine from other company after he received our machine, because the actual condition of his old machine from  other factory did not match the description at all, the thickness of the bed was only two millimeters, and he felt he had received deception. And our company's cnc machine  are excellent in both quality and efficiency. Guus said that although our company's machine are more expensive than other companies', they are worth the money. 


And his friends bought UA-481 and K45MT from our company after knowing our machine have high quality and high efficiency, and  they are  satisfied with the machine too .

Here is some pics from his friends .


We always treat our products with strict standards to control the quality of our products. We always put the quality of our products in the first place and give back to our customers with the best quality, so that they can use the best quality cnc router.