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UC 481 autoloader cnc is trending for cabinet door

Autoloader cnc router machines is becoming a trend for kitchen cabinets door. Since we come back from CIFF exhibition in Guangdong ,we met many Algeria customers . they are interested in New type UC481 loading and unlouading CNS,dose New UC481 is a trending in cnc industry? One of our typical client that use Autoloader cnc router  is Limitless, a China diy kitchen cabinets manufacturer, who use our product to product kitchen cabinet door.

Advantages of the Autoloader cnc router for the cabinet doorproduction:

Autoloader cnc router Improve the utilization rate of the plate

It use the milling cutter to open the material, which can be turned off at any direction. Cutting the opposite sex, pushing the machine requires a knife to the end, the plate utilization rate is low, with automatic optimization of the self-developed software, the average utilization rate per plate is 2.7-2.8 square.

Autoloader cnc router Save your labor

One individual operation, one machine for one person to operate, saving the wages of the master of the machine, using 0.3 square meters per sheet, using CNC cutting machine. The opening material saves 10 yuan per board than the sliding machine.

Reduce labor intensity, push the machine dry for 30 day

A sheet of paper, a sore back and pain in the day, a year, I definitely have a waist disease. Workers have more wages and skilled workers are difficult to manage.

The cutting speed is fast, the cutting machine is continuous when working, the sliding machine pushes and stops, the board is moved and moved, the strength of the workers, the time is spent on the board, and the scale is adjusted.

the dust of the cutting machine is small, the dusting effect of the cutting machine is much better than the sliding machine.

Auto CNC router cutting machine offers higher efficiency

The ordinary cutting machine is for manual loading and unloading, and the artificial rest can be taken during machining, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.

This machine is a fool-like operation, all calculated as computer calculation, zero error, zero failure rate. The operation is simple, any small worker can be directly employed after 3-5 hours of training by the manufacturer.

The traditional cutting saw requires two people to go back and forth to adjust the size of the board. The back of the material is sore and back pain, and the cleaning machine does not have a vacuum device, which will cause great harm to the operator’s body.

Automatic loading and unloading machine

With the sealing edge rotation line, only one person can complete the material cutting and edge sealing, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves a lot of labor to reduce the enterprise cost.