Quick CNC router product description

Hello friend,

First welcome to view our website . let me introduce our main product categories, I hope this article can better understand our products.

Our cnc router main type is 3 axis. 4 axis and 5 axis .

3 axis here i mean one head cnc router which mainly include mini cnc router .like K6090T .bigger size is 1212 .1218 etc .

Another is basic 3 axis bigger size like K45MT ,K60MT normal size is 1325,1530 ,2030,2040 .we also can custom other size as customer want.like 1515 .1313 .

This one head cnc router we have some model for special filed ,like making sofa or making sewing machine and chairs .

Secondly is  muti head cnc router .It have two types :Synchronous and asynchronous.

Third one is Automatic cnc router . According to different quality level

we have CA-481 ,UA-481 .UC-481 and UD-481 .This series also can make 4 axis

Fourth one is panel cutting series .which is very popular used in China .

At the same time, we are developing a lot of new products, like edge banding machine and 5 axis cnc router .

what type of cnc router are you looking for ?please tell me what product you make or what material you want to cut , we will recommend the best machine for you .




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