QUICK Small Woodworking Cnc Engraving Machine K6100A

QUICK Small Woodworking Cnc Engraving Machine K6100A

2.2KW water cooling spindle
Stepper motor
600X1000X150mm working area
DSP A11 control system
T-slot table
Continuous Duty Liquid-Cooled

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QUICK Small Woodworking Cnc Engraving Machine K6100A is one of the most popular products in 2018.The desktop mini cnc router is K6090T.

QUICK Small Woodworking Cnc Engraving Machine K6100A

QUICK Small Woodworking Cnc Engraving Machine K6100A main configuration:

Model K6100A
X-Y-Z axis working area 600 x1,000 x 150mm
Machine size 1600 x 1200 x 1450mm
Repositioning resolution 0.02mm
System Resolution 0.0025mm
X-Y-Z movement Ball screw drive/Germany
Max. speed 10,000mm/min
Max. cutting speed 6,000mm/min
Spindle 2.2kw (water cooling)
Spindle speed 24,000rpm
Inverter power 2.2kw
Drive motors stepper
Working voltage AC220V/50-60Hz
Command code G code
Computer interface USB 2.2
Collet ER20- 3.175mm, 6mm, 12.7mm
Software Artcam & Alphacam Software/UK
Controls DSP A11 (Digital Signal Processor)
Packing dimensions 1800 x 1320 x 1700mm,350 kgs
Standard equipment included 1. Auto tool surface sensor

2. Dust hood

3. T-slot table with mechanical clamps

Features for cnc router K6100A:

1) It is very suitable for CNC hobby friends, small engraving shop and factories as well.
2) Popular DSP A11 control system is very easy for every buyer and beginner.
3) Taiwan Ball screw gives it good resolution and less noise. We use Taiwan TBI brand,more stable and precise.
4) Cast iron machine body,stable and strong in use.
5) We use Highly flexible towline; fire-resistant double-sheathed cable, Prevent electrostatic interference; also with cable carrier outside to protect the cable.
6) China HQD water cooling spindle, similar to Italy HSD air cooling spindle, air-cooled, 0-18000rpm.
7) Optional part: With Rotary can process cylinder materials.


Cnc router K6100A has a wide range of application, such as advertising field, seal field, packing field, pane making field, decorating field, art and craft field, architecture model field, souvenir field, badge field, electric circuitry field and carpentry field.
It is used to engrave on Acrylic sheet, abs double color sheet, PVC foam sheet, wooden sheet, scagliola, PCB, granite, stone, steel and soft metal etc.

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