Plasma Cutting Machine

High Quality 1530 Portable Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine

1.If use the plasma cutting machine to cut the the thick meal, have to use the arc height adjust system, while our height adjust system use the high sensor, one minute can send out 12,000 signal per minute.
2.We equipped the two fan for take the cutting smoke out from the room.This way, will efficiency to let the workshop in the good environment.
3. The painting: all our machine body have been processed by professional anti-rust treatment. First, we spray 2 times anti-rust paint to ensure that all parts of the machine in a fully protected state, and then spray color. This can effectively prevent the machine rust, resulting in damage to the machine.

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Product Description    

Cnc plasma cutting machine also called plasma cutter, and plasma cutting is a processing method that uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to partially or partially melt (and evaporate) the metal at the incision of the workpieces and uses the momentum of the high-speed plasma to remove the molten metal to form an incision. plasma cutting machine including portable plasma cutter, or table plasma cutting or with rotary device

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Model1530  63A Plasma cutting machine (high configuration)
X,Y Z working area1500x3000mmx150mm
Packing dimension2280mmx3850mmx1850mm
Lathe bedthick steel structure
Machine Power16kw  
Working voltage380V three phase 60hz
Reposition precision0.02mm   
Processing precision0.1mm
Maximum cutting speed12000mm/min
Torch Height control modeAutomatic
Cutting thicknessMax 12mm carbon steel
Plasma power supplyLGK63A Plasma
Control systemSTARfire
Motorsservo motor
Plasma Air PressureMax.0.8Mpa
Working Temperature-10°C-60°C. Relative Humidity, 0-95%.
LCD Display Dimension7 Inches

Accessories and Advantage

Machine body design

Machine mechanics design,Invited the famous university physics professor of the design of the machine,The middle of each beam has a column, strengthen the support of the bed effect. For the magnification, thick, heavy metal plate,Can effectively prevent the middle of the machine due to lack of bearing capacity caused by the deformation of the machine.

However, many other manufacturers in order to save material costs, eliminating this part, resulting in prolonged use of the machine deformation.

Double suction

we equipped the two fan for take the cutting smoke out from the room , front fan will blow to back , the back fan will exhaust the smoke out from the machine and out from the room . This way ,will efficiency to let the workshop in the good environment .  While other factory does not have this fun or only have one .


the teeth of our racks (ie, the distance between the two teeth) are 1.25 mm, while the other manufacturers are 1.5 mm. So that our machine cutting accuracy is far better than other manufacturers.


Our control panel it is big (10 inch ) more easy to check the detail menu and in the control system have many different language , such as  Portuguese , Japanese,Korean, Netherland , Spanish ,Russian ,French .

High Quality 1530 Portable Cnc Plasma Cutting Mach

High Quality 1530 Portable Cnc Plasma Cutting Mach

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