• PTP-3013 cnc router with PTP

    Equipped with Italy HSD CNC drilling group, can achieve a positioning the workpiece five faces a full play.

    • Break through the traditional processing mode, save time and effort, to get rid of the dependence on artificial production, and greatly shorten the production process and processing time.
    • Can butt plate production line, software, and is indispensable to custom industry flexible production line of a model.
  • CA-481 Heavy duty atc cnc router

    For diverse high difficult processing model, belongs to the efficient precision processing equipment.

    • Countertops can be directly adsorption process, the whole board don’t need to pass any material cutting.
    • Can be arbitrary arrangement of vertical drilling, sidetracking, single drill, platoon drill multifunctional drilling mode, etc.
    • Suitable for processing, paint-free doors, avoid lacquer cabinet doors, furniture, board type ambry that defend bath, etc.
  • K1 4×8 cnc router

  • K2

  • K3

  • K4

  • K5

  • K6

  • K45MT-DY

  • K45MT-DT

    2 heads synchronous carving simultaneously,  especially suitable for batch processing of same size work pieces, improve the overall processing speed and precision of the work piece.

  • K45MT-S

  • K60MT-DY