Mini Desktop 6090 Cnc Cutting Machine

2.2KW Water Cooled Spindle
Working area :600mm X900mmX150mm
Stepper motor
DSP Control System
Auto tool surface sensor
T-slot table with mechanical clamps
Dust hood

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Mini Desktop 6090 Cnc Cutting Machine is an economic model in mini series.

The auto tool changer model is K6090T ATC machine.

Mini Desktop 6090 Cnc Cutting Machine

Mini Desktop 6090 Cnc Cutting Machine main configuration:

Model K6090T
X-Y-Z axis working area 600 x 900 x 150mm
Machine size 720 x 1135mm
Repositioning resolution 0.02mm
System Resolution 0.0025mm
X-Y-Z movement Ball screw drive/Germany
Max. speed 10,000mm/min
Max. cutting speed 6,000mm/min
Spindle 2.2kw (water cooling)
Spindle speed 24,000rpm
Inverter power 2.2kw
Drive motors stepper
Working voltage AC220V/50-60Hz
Command code G code
Computer interface USB 2.2
Collet ER20- 3.175mm, 6mm, 12.7mm
Software Artcam & Alphacam Software/UK
Controls DSP A11 (Digital Signal Processor)
Packing dimensions 1400 x1100 x 1200 mm,200 kgs
Standard equipment included 1. Auto tool surface sensor

2. Dust hood

Machine advantages:

1. X, Y, Z axis use imported ball bearing guide screws. It’s precise and fast. Even the letters of 1mm can be clearly discernible. The small-power machine uses large-power main axis, it’s an ideal product for manufacturing labels, construction models and moulds in batches.

2. High speed calculation. It uses DSP contouring control system which can continually and smoothly run the three axes with high speed. It has the ability of calculation of 5000 vector/s.

3. Steady data transmission. The data transmission uses the technology of ISA/IP DNC/IP straight association, which can associate the machine without interruption, and it has no limitation of the amount of the document.

4. Double-nut guide screw. It uses Germany-imported high-precision ball bearing guide screw which can eliminate cracks automatically. Coordinated with the imported shaft coupling, it can realize precise control. It uses straight line guide rail (cylinder or square), which can ensure the working life.


1).Furniture industry: solid wood, solid door, kitchen cabinet door, PVC wood door, composite door, plate furniture, office furniture.
2).Wood industry: wood speaker, clock, computer desk, electrical cabinet stable, sports goods and so on.
3).Instrument industry: violin carving and milling and so on.
4).Art carft industry: photo frame, decoration box and so on.
5).Electrics industry: PVB electric panel hole drilling, insulation material, LED display screen carving and so on.

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