Mini cnc wood cutting machine

Independent DSP system, work without a computerG-code files can be directly edited, delete, insert, and so on 2.2KG water-cooled spindle, powerfu!With built-in frequency converter in control box.

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Mini  cnc wood cutting machine K6090Tshow in factory.

CNC wood cutting router K6090T
(Working area 600X900X150mm, German ball screw, Taiwan rail, Stepper motor, T-slot table, DSP A11 system, Artcam & Alphacam software, 2.2Kw Chinese water cooling spindle, 2.2Kw Delta frequency inverter, Auto tool height sensor, Y axis 15mm square rail.)

mini cnc wood cutting machine

CNC wood cutting router K6090T application:

A. Widely used not only for wood but also acrylic, brass, wood, PVC, PCB, and so on.
B. Ideal for milling, engraving, drilling & routing.
C. For Industry, Technology Research, Advertising Design, Arts Creation, Teaching, Student Project and Hobby Purposes, Building Model Making, Advertising Signs, Artwork and Decoration.

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