heavy duty woodworking cnc router machine UA481

heavy duty woodworking cnc router machine UA481

9.6KW Italy HSD ISO30 spindle
Japan Yaskawa servo motor
1220X2440X200mm working area
Syntec 20A control system
4KW Becker pump
10 linear pcs ATC
Double layer vacuum table

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Heavy duty woodworking cnc router machine UA481(auto load&unload system as optional) details as follow.

heavy duty woodworking cnc router machine UA481

The configuration of UA-481 decoration lines is excellent.The solid machine structure with heat treatment ensures the stability even in high intensity working load with fastest efficiency and without vibration.

It is suitable for cabinet door processing and craft gifts, as well as non-ferrous metal and solid wood  carving and other industries. A notable feature of the automatic tool changer cnc router machine is that it can obviously improve the machining efficiency. In the aspect of software function, it can carve any graphic pattern and support code formats generated by various softwares.

Heavy duty woodworking cnc router machine UA481 main configuration:

Working area:1220X2440X200mm
Spindle:9.6KW Italy HSD ISO30
Spindle RPM:8000-24000RPM
Motor:850W Japan Yaskawa servo motor
Tool magazine:8 linear pcs ATC
Controller:Taiwan Syntec 20A
Guide:Taiwan Linear ¢30 square
Pump:Germany 4KW Becker pump
Voltage:AC380V/50-60Hz, 3-phase
Weight:3500x2200x2200mm /3T


a)carousel tool magazine
b)4 th rotary device for cylinder products
c)Mist system from metal
d)C axis and aggregate head

Product advantages:

There are 4 advantages of automatic tool changing woodworking engraving machine.
1). this carving machine has a simple, convenient and easy to learn separate keyboard operation mode, and users can quickly master the use method.
2). with an independent suction and adsorption device, it can absorb wood and debris in the process of processing, not only keep the worktable clean and tidy, but also make the engraving machine have a good working environment.
3). This engraving machine has advanced file pre-processing functions, which can help users correct processing errors in time, and the compatibility is better than the domestic system.
4). in terms of control system, most of the control systems of the tool changing engraving machine adopt Taiwan’s numerical control system. This system has good carving intelligent processing program, it can prevent and control mechanical collision well, and can better control the processing speed and improve the processing efficiency.

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