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4 spindle cnc router Main configuration

Working area 1300X2500X200mm. Rack and pinion transmission. Helical gear.

German ball screw. Taiwan linear rail. Stepper motor.T-slot table. Nc studio. Artcam & Alphacam

software.4 X2.2Kw Chinese water cooling Spindle,  Auto tool height sensor, Manual lubrication


Performance parameters:

1. K45MT-DT 4 spindle cnc router (optional 2-10 spindles, can be customized for any model): Multi-spindle can work simultaneously on the same pattern, greatly improve the processing speed.
2. In batch processing, the product has good consistency and high quality, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of production equipment.
3. The machine body adopts the overall thick-walled all-steel structure design. After welding and tempering aging treatment, the steel is strong, strong and stable.
4. This machine adopts Taiwan linear guide transmission, three-axis full square rail, which can carry out heavy cutting, fast processing speed and high efficiency.
5, using embedded PCI numerical control system, the machine tool and the computer are seamlessly combined, the operation is simple, the unique intelligent budget rule makes the motor fully exert the high-speed potential, the curved line synchronous processing is more perfect, and the long-term worry-free operation: has power failure , breakpoint continuous carving, processing time prediction and other functions, real human design. The G command and the Engraving (ENG) format, which fully support the ISO standard, are compatible with the machining code generated by various CAD/CAM design software such as Type3/ArtCAM/ Wentai.
6. Designed for customers who require large quantities of small workpiece, suitable for processing cabinet doors, art relief screens, craft fan windows, embossed craft gifts, solid wood art murals.



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