Quick CNC smart factory boosts the global woodworking upgrade of industry 4.0

On June 1st, 2021, one of our company's important partners, Singapore KQ Group, came to our company to participate in the on-site acceptance work of the smart factory planning. Quick CNC general manager Mr. Wu and chief engineer Mr. Wang cordially met with Mr. Hoang, the representative of Singapore KQ Group, and the customer was very satisfied with the on-site acceptance work. Prior to this, KQ Group has repeatedly purchased the machining center UA-481 produced by Quick CNC and automatic loading and unloading equipment. As Quick CNC equipment saves a lot of labor costs for the customer's factory and brings considerable economic benefits, KQ decided to plan a new plant of 4,600 square meters in early 2021 and use the Quick CNC entire plant planning program. This solution is independently designed by Quick CNC and adopts the industry's latest automation overall docking technology. It uses cloud data to optimize the manipulator and the rotary line with the various woodworking machinery required by the customer's production, and realizes the integrated assembly line operation, which represents today's woodworking. A new benchmark for industry 4.0 upgrades. It is reported that the production line will be officially put into production in the customer's factory in August this year, which will increase the production efficiency of the customer by 70% and save 800% of the labor cost.

The pace of Quick CNC leading the industry will never stop. In the future, the company will continue to increase its efforts to continuously transform and upgrade smart factory projects and create new contributions to the world's woodworking industry.