New product recommendation! System door and window integrated machine is coming!

What I will introduce to you today is a newly launched system door and window integrated machining center by quick in the door and window industry. It is a flexible processing center for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, steel and wood doors and windows, integrating drilling and milling + laser + cutting. , Spindle drilling and milling, dual laser cutting and marking, 0 sorting and 0 turnover, one-time clamping, raw materials, finished products can be transferred to the assembly process, saving site space.


1. Intelligent interconnection, scanning the code and processing.

It can be connected to all mainstream door and window ERP software to realize intelligent processing through code scanning. Use door and window software to convert drawings into production data and connect to production equipment. Use data-driven manufacturing to meet the flexible production needs of customized doors and windows. Realize front-end and back-end collaborative operation to truly achieve "what you see is what you get, what you draw is what you produce."

2. Dual spindle drilling and milling (axis can be rotated 180 degrees)

Drill and mill on the upper, lower, left and right sides of the profile respectively

①Inside and outside window sash: handle hole, corner code hole, glue injection hole, lock box hole, pin hole, transmission rod hole

②Middle mullion of outer frame: floor drain holes, corner code holes, glue injection holes, and pin holes.

3. Laser cutting (equipped with two laser cutting machines installed on both sides of the profile) system automatically allocates drilling, milling and laser cutting, with laser cutting as the priority.

4. Laser marking (automatic marking for positioning and positioning of the outer frame’s middle muntin) facilitates later assembly.

5. Sawing at any angle, can be cut at any angle between -45-45° to ensure that the corners are connected tightly.

6. Corner cutting

7. Automatic labeling

Each profile is given a unique QR code and customized content (customer information, sorting information, process information).