6012 cnc router

QUICK CNC 6012 cnc router is a machine with 3-5 linear tool changers .

5.5kw water cooling spindle

DSP B57 auto tool change controller

3 or 4 tool changers in back

Vacuum table with t slot

Working area 600x1200x200mm

4th axis is Available

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The 6012 cnc router working size is 600x1200mm,If your space is limited but you want to have muti tool changers, then this model is the best choice .


* Sign and graphics fabrication

* 3 dimensional (3D) machining (sign, plastics, wood, molds, etc.)

* Cabinet making

* Furniture, general woodworking manufacturing

* Store fixture, display manufacturing

* Sheet plastic fabrication

* Solid surface machining

* Non-ferrous sheet metal machining (aluminium, brass,copper, zinc)

* Composite machining (graphite, phenolic, Kevlar, etc.)

Main parts

5.5KW water cooling spindle DSP B57  controller TBI ball scew on z axis
6012 cnc router
TAIWAN rails Herion rack Stepper motor
Vacuum table 7.kw air pump Dust collector (option)

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